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Stories of a project not to forget

The Parque de la Memoria – Monumento a las Víctimas del Terrorismo de Estado conducted a series of interviews with people related to the process of construction and development of the memory space.

These videos are part of the audiovisual archive of the Parque de la Memoria and are part of the project “Stories of a Project to Not Forget”.

The video is part of the project
Memory Park

Audiovisual production:
General realization: Malena Sivak.
Idea, documentation and interviews: Vanesa Figueredo and Iván Wrobel.
Chambers: Mariano Melega and Andrés Pasman.
Edition: Mariano Melega.

Acknowledgments: Gabriele Alegre, Gaston Chillier, Alicia Herbón, Eduardo Feller, Archive Memoria Abierta and Viviana Ponieman