Current exhibitions

Curatorship: Institutional Parque de la Memoria

Twenty-two years after the exhibition, Parque de la Memoria decided to reissue Identity with updated information available from Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo about the grandchildren that were appropriated.

Curator: Florencia Battiti

Over more than twenty years the artist toured Latinamerica asking different people or groups of people to write a dream or wish on a small blackboard and let themselves be photographed. 

Curator: María Alejandra Gatti

The exhibition collects a group of works that intertwine, as an anachronistic exercise, the events during the “tragic weeks” that took place in Barcelona (1909) and Buenos Aires (1919).

Curator: Florencia Battiti

This exhibition takes the figure of the witch as the axis to shed light on those knowledge and ideologies that were censored by history, inviting us to think about how these themes survive today.

Curators: María Alejandra Gatti / Cecilia Nisembaum

The exhibition put together a group of works produced during the seventies and nineties related to the tie between the Judiciary and the State. From this perspective, the chosen works invite us to question the meaning that this relationship represents in the history of our country and the rest of Latin America, and the way in which, currently, this tie seems distorted by post-truth politics.

Curators: María Alejandra Gatti / Cecilia Nisembaum 

50 years after one of the most significant popular revolts in our history, the exhibition problematizes this historical event through the semantic potentialities provided by archival materials and the poetic possibilities allowed by contemporary art. 


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