Conference on Human Rights in digital environments

The Monument team of Parque de la Memoria participated in the Conference on Human Rights in Digital Environments organized by Wikimedia Argentina.

Through the presentation ”The construction of the Collective Memory from digital platforms. The experience of the Memory Park – Monument to the Victims of State Terrorism.” in Panel 1: Human Rights and Memory in digital environments, the Park’s payroll and research area by Vanesa Figueredo, Agustín Gentile and Iván Wrobel, reported on the work carried out in the Public Consultation Database: their history, uses, debates and contribution to collective memory from a virtual space. The axis of the exhibition revolved around the creation, maintenance and updating of the Database, which contains the personal files of the Victims of State Terrorism that occurred in Argentina during the years 1969-1983. In addition, he became aware of the Base formation process and the joint and interdisciplinary work with the Exact Sciences University (UBA).

The conference set out to contribute to the democratization of access to information, and to contribute to the construction of free knowledge in digital territories from the local and specific context. It was held on September 12, 13 and 14 at the Espacio Memoria y Derechos Humanos (Memory Space and Human Rights ex ESMA).