"Genres and identities under construction: Rethinking the norm and ways of being".

During 2018, the Project Posters aims to open with young people the discussion on issues related to gender identities and diversities.

We believe that working on this issue in schools is central, since they are the space for socialization and constitution of identities par excellence, and central to guaranteeing the rights of students. Taking into account the various discriminatory practices, such as harassment, physical and psychological harassment, and even in cases extreme situations of physical violence, it is of utmost importance and urgency to work diversities with young people to disarm myths and prejudices, identify the stereotypes that are reproduced, in order to achieve better coexistence and equality in diversities. We believe that when working on these topics within the educational field a multiplier effect is generated within the school and outside the institution, since students can build a present and a different future society with learning that promotes what they learn, raising respect, solidarity and equal rights.

Working these themes within the school institution will allow us to reflect on ideas related to gender identities and diversities, recognize, analyze the gender roles imposed on us socially, identify and disarm prejudices and myths, debate and reflect on the social conquests achieved in recent times. At the same time, we are interested in analyzing what impact they have on society, identifying what spaces of expression / debate / inclusion are generated within the normative parameters of educational institutions, and promoting debate about current issues related to diversities and identities. of gender for the construction of a critical citizenship.

In this edition, we will work together with the Tantosha Center, which for many years have been developing tools for debate, analysis and work on gender and diversity issues. In this sense, we are very excited to count on your experience and support for the design of this booklet, nourished by internal training. We appreciate the collaboration of Lic. Gabriela A. Ramos and Lic. Gabriela Veloz Rúa, as well as the Coexistence in Diversity Team of the City’s Sub-secretariat for Human Rights.

Accompanying institution

We appreciate the help provided and the time they took to orient us on the topic worked on:

Centro Tantosha