PAyS Gallery

(Present, now and always)

In the PAyS Gallery (“Present, Now and Always”) is the space where various cultural and educational activities take place. Here you can consult the Database of the Monument to the Victims of State Terrorism. The program includes temporary exhibitions, workshops and conferences and it is also where the offices of the Park’s work areas operate.

The Gallery works with a schedule of temporary exhibitions. The selection criteria of the projects prioritize proposals that address the problem of political memory in a broad sense, generated from non-dogmatic perspectives and that have indispensable ethical and aesthetic qualities.

The Art Area is in charge of implementing a plan for construction of sculptures in the Parque de la Memoria and to prepare the program for visual art exhibitions that take place in the PAyS Gallery. The decision to place contemporary art at the centre of a memory project shows recognition that art provides a mode of critical but sensitive reflection, capable of challenging routine memory, appealing to a dialogue with the visitors that involves not only their intellect, but all their senses.

By conceiving visual arts exhibitions as social spaces for thought and debate, the Parque de la Memoria’s exhibition program proposes a dynamic articulation between past and present and aims to problematize, from a poetic perspective, various topics related to the memory of state terrorism, human rights and the tensions between art, history and politics.

From the curatorial practice, these issues are not addressed literally or anchored only in factual history, but rather try to appeal to various formats and strategies characteristic of contemporary art. In this regard, the aim is to enable critical and plural readings of the projects and works presented, as well as to link the past with issues that are still relevant in the present.