29.06.19 - 15.10.19 / Sala Audiovisual

Curator: Florencia Battiti

“Choque” (Crash) takes its title from the Brazilian riot police unit, also known as “Tropa de Choque” (Crash Troop), a division trained and equipped for repressing the masses and demonstrations in public space. Longo Bahía’s video-installation, of strong visual power, critically questions the methods that governmental powers employ for suppressing the forces of resistance. Therefore, far from appearing as a symbol of protection, the police forces transmit in “Choque” a philosophy of fear. Even though her work is conceptually anchored to the contemporary historical-political reality of Brazil, the visual narrative presented by Longo Bahía echoes in multiple cities around the planet.  

Dora Longo Bahia (São Paulo, 1961) is a visual artist that obtained her Ph.D. in Visual Poetics at the University of São Paulo. Her works include painting, photography, video, sound installations, and books. Her bonds with 80s punk rock music lead her to participate in different bands such as Disk-Putas and Blah Blah Blah. Longo Bahía defines herself as an image producer and her works address, without rhetorical affectation, the violence in the contemporary world.